A Montréal based Contemporary Art Gallery. Galerie MX holds a multitude of fascinating works by a variety of artists that shock and amaze. Founded by 2 friends who share a passion for art, Galerie MX aspires to introduce art to the greater public, and expose contemporary artist both from Canada and abroad.

MX Logo


Tasked with re-branding this company, I was given a blank slate. I had to find a way to make this contemporary art gallery stand out from the very dence artistic hub that is Montréal. Through the use of applications, I had to consider all aspects of the business. This includes: website, publication, stationery, promotional work, packaging, the catering side and merch.

MX T-Shirt
MX Stationery
MX poster 1
MX poster 2
MX poster 3


In such an artistically dense environment, it is important for companies to differ more than just visually from one another if they are to survive the highly competitive playing field that is Montreal’s creative business. When it comes to services, Galerie MX has it all. But what about the brand? What tools is Galerie MX using to extend their standing in Montreal’s pre-existing and ambitious creative hub? What makes the public attracted to this contemporary art gallery compared to another? To answer these question I turned to New York and their very bold and confident use of type and colour for inspiration.

MX website
MX Animation


The final brand identity solution
is boisterous and confident.
Its large shapes and bold characteristics resulted in a contemporary and fresh logo.Unifying all aspect of the brand to create consistency in the company where there was none before. The colour that was chosen for the new branding of Galerie MX was inspired by the pre-existing colour. I deepened the original hue by adding more magenta (or red depending on the colour space) and this created a more vibrant and engaging solution. Originally conceptualized for posters and publicity, this typeface was ideal for supporting the bold forms designed for the logo. The face is intended for headlines and display use rather than body text.