Publication Design

A bi annual magazine that discusses a particular aspect of Graphic Design in every edition. The first edition : paper. In this publication a reader can learn all about paper in its finest detail.

Zine mood


The idea here was to take very dry information and make it interesting. There were no rules or guidelines which made conceptualizing possibilities super amusing!

Zine detail
Zine Group
Zine Spine


Being inspired by a blank piece of paper, the idea came to me to have models pose nude with nude paper. This created an editorial art direction for the photoshoot and eventual layout.

Zine Martika


The final product is an interesting mix of information, paper, and people. How people are blank sheets at times waiting for something to fill them up. Yes, cheesy I know, but the solution ended up being very conceptual and editorial. For a manual about paper, this direction is unique and surprising to potential clients, making it a prime candidate for a curious purchase.