Femmes et Pouvoir D'Agir


Femmes et Pouvoirs D'Agir was the title of the 2018 Marc choko poster competiton.

Femmes Poster


Trying to embody what it was to be a woman and to act on inequalities was a challenge. The poster had to speak up about an issue but all issues as well.

Femmes empty


My view on the project was to draw a very minimalist and neutral looking woman so that all could relate to her. I applied the definition of consent onto her back with the title of the competition making it look like fresh wounds. "Consent" naturally implying rape violence but also having the opportunity to be applied to other situations where permission wasn't asked for previously including child marriage and female circumcision.

Femmes detail


The final result is a powerful piece that evokes strong emotion towards the inequalities that women must face when it comes to their bodies. Minimal use of colour and eye movement keeps the focus on one area and one idea. The poster was selected to be entered in the completion but did not bring home a prize.