Publication Design

Glimpse magazine is a weekly publication that endeavours to expose local talent. A fictional soft cover that interviews an individual asking them for their top 5 inspirational people in the field, 10 studios they love and 15 suppliers they use.

Glimpse open


The mandate of this project was to brand and package a kit of which the theme was up to us. Therefore the branding, the corporate identity, and the industrial design problems  had to be solved. I challenged myself with extra task of creating a bilingual solution, to make this as realistic as possible. With an excited mind and a motivated spirit, I got to work on the world’s first ever Kenko Care Kit!

glimpse spine


The approach was to make the client the artist of the kit. To be competitive with what the target market was used to seeing, the aesthetics of the branding had to be unique from what the cosmetic industry normally produces. By painting on a canvas, I could translate the idea that the client was becoming the artist of their own skin care routine while also standing out on the shelves. The colors are used in solid bands across the kit’s labels to create a sence of unity and belonging as the client unboxes the products.

glimpse detail


A visually exciting and alluring kit that uses color and simple use of typography to express the engaging and amusing experience that skin care and painting share. Simple and informative labels that quickly explain each ingridient, minimalistically designed contrasting the dynamics of the exterior packaging’s graphics.