What If


Volker Bertelmann is a German artist that mainly performs and records under the name Hauschka. He is best known for his prepared piano compositions.
Music Poster


The release of Hauschka’s album “What If” calls for a concert. This concert would need a poster and an invitation card designed. The challenge was to somehow grasp what it was that the audience would hear in dynamic visuals and entice them to attend.

Music poster type


The approach was to create instances of colour on a void of black, use those forms to speak to the eyes, which would translate into sounds in the viewers head. The music that Hauschka creates is full of surprises. He masterfully uses silence and repetition to create rhythm. I thought that if I would recreate the complex patterns and sound waves through distorting forms contrasted on a black backgroud, I could achieve a similar result. Adding a a typeface that is simultaneously electric and quirky, and placing it on top and under the forms, gives a sense of depth to the poster.

music poster invite


A visually alluring and captivating piece that would definitely grasp a passerby’s attention. The complexity of the forms have a contrast of soft blended strokes and rough repeats shapes. This embodies the sounds and rhythm of Hauschka’s work. Variation in colour and hue keeps the blobs in motion while the placement of them gives rhythm to the poster as a whole. The final solution is not toned down with large amount soft black generating instances of silence. Type treatment creates depth and pushes elements back and forwards.