Publication Design

Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese contemporary artist that works in sculpture, installation, and painting. Her work has even seeped into high fashion. She is an icon not only for her countless successes in the art community, but for what she had to over-come being an immigrant female artist coming to America. So how does one design a book that accurately represents this genious creative mind?

Kusama Book


This projects mandate was to accurately represent an artist through a book re-design. When I received the book "Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors" as a subject, I knew that this publi-cation was going to be wild. It had to be just as overwhelming and intriguing as her work is.

Kusama Spine
Kusama detail
Kusama Jacket


Multiple videos and articles were read so that I could really grasp what is was that made her create these gigantic pieces of repetitive patterns. Obsessed with polka-dots, Yayoi Kusama suffers from hallucinations and has checked herself into a hospital permanently. This
detail of her personal life was the main inspiration. By using a lenticular print, I can capture the attention, wonder, and absorb the reader much like Kusama does in her work. I focused on one colour for this project for high impact. Red has always been a colour that even Kusama refers back to constantly in her work. Being one of the more passionate colours with high contrast against white, I thought it was appropriate.


The final book re-design is very effective in representing the artist and what it is that she does. Kusama amazes and astonishes viewers with her mass patterns. She lives in a world of dots and colour. The lenticular forces the reader into her reality and the spine solidifies the theme. Tittles of the [i] and the letter [o] are replaced with red dots. The back cover is a large print of Kusama posing with her polka-dot instillation to once more in force what she really lives through and what inspires her everyday.