Things are lookin' up with this poster design for the Graphic Design graduating year of 2019. Using a linocut technique to achieve texture, and a bold contrast between colours to catch the eye.

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The mandate for this project was to create a poster that would later on become the theme of the graphic design graduating class of 2019. The content had to represent the group as a whole and the program.

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I started out by focusing on the idea of eyes, since we work with communication on a visual level. There were many different directions stemming from that idea, but I also wanted something that had a positive outlook for the future of our careers. That's where the title "lookin' up" emerged. It was positive, and related nicely to an eye in an upward position. Next was the execution. I started off completely virtual but then realized that lino printing the totality of the poster would be more effective, and give me a texture I could not achieve other wise.

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The final product is a very straight forward, bold piece that captures the eye and intrigues viewers. Its simplicity and contrast stood out from the others, however it did not stand out as a winner. If I were to re-do this project I would use a typeface and not lino print the title. I believe that's what makes the final solution look like a possible illustration graduation poster rather than a graphic design poster.