OKI Games

Brand Identity

OKI games is a fictional Japanese video game company. The purpose of this project was to conceptualize a possible brand identity for them. From merch to the latest video game trends, OKI Games has got it all. They review games for quality, they conceptualize and create their own games and consols, and finaly hold weekly gamer podcasts.

OKI logo


Creating an identity that was relevant to the target audience took some considering of all aspects of the design process. Proper research and sketching along with exploration of thoughts and concepts, to conceive an appropriate solution. Once those steps were completed, I then had to sell it by applying the design to different everyday objects that had importance to the brand. The OKI Game company had so much on it's plate that the solution had to be fun, but trustworthy for both prospective clients and the business side of things.

OKI hoodie
OKI grid
OKI ad


I wanted to interpret the logo in a Japanese style to make reference to their culture and background as a company but also keep it light and airy in colour. On it’s side, the word “OKI” can be read meaning “Your Mind”. This was an interesting approach as a name, making the full English title “Your Mind Games”. Engaging colours contrasting with cool tones created a dynamic that was very technological creating the perfect stamp of approval gamers could look for before purchasing their next adventure.

OKI key chain
OKI car


A strong and fun looking identity is the final solution for OKI Games. On the vertical, it is an abstract form that is representative of modern gaming. It can be easily applied to a number of items either as a pattern or on it’s own. Engaging and commanding, this logo is pertinent both for young gamers and business men alike.